Building a marketing plan for stores

Identify the components of the marketing campaign and the customer journey

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What you will learn:

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. Information that must be determined to know your ideal customer
  3. Components of the marketing plan
  4. SMART goals
  5. Some tips for arranging the content of your publishing plan
  6. Ways to follow the campaign
  7. Useful tools and resources for your online store
  8. Purpose for using Google Analytics
  9. Benefits of using Keyword Planner
  10. Uses of MailChimp
  11. Uses of Hootsuite

About Zed:

Z is a Saudi holding company, established in 2017 AD, aiming to enable the retail sector to enter the world of electronic retail in an easy and professional manner.


  1. Introduction

  2. The Four Questions

  3. The ideal client

  4. Marketing campaign planning

  5. Marketing objectives for the online store

  6. Content and publishing plan

  7. Follow up the campaign and measure its performance

  8. Customer Journey

  9. Google Analytics

  10. Keyword Planner

  11. Mailchimp

  12. Hootsuite tool

  13. A sample content and publishing plan

  14. Content and publishing plan template (2)

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Course Content
the introduction
introduction Watch More
section One
The four questions
The ideal client
Marketing campaign planning
Marketing objectives for the online store
Second section
Content and publishing plan
Follow up the campaign and measure its performance
Customer journey
Google Analytics tool
Keyword Planner tool
Mailchimp tool
Hootsuite tool
Content and publishing plan template
Content and publishing plan template (2)
a test
questions and answers

Ahmed El-Hajj Hussein

06 ابريل 2023
هل ال Marketing Persona نفسه ال Buyer Persona!?

Ahmed El-Hajj Hussein

07 ابريل 2023
ال Google analytics آخر مقطع أو دقيقة الخاص بطباعة بوليصة الشحن بدون صوت

hgras Saad

25 ديسمبر 2023
سوالي خطر. في بالكم هالبرنامج
2 from questions